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Why a Garden Can Benefit From Snow

Why a Garden Can Benefit From Snow

Here are some of the reasons that a garden could benefit from snow.

If you own a garden, you might think that snow is your worst enemy. Even though snow is cold and seems like it would be a problem for your garden, this isn’t necessarily true, however. Snow can actually offer quite a bit of upside to your garden, so winter could be an ideal time for gardens to thrive. Here are some of the reasons that a garden could benefit from snow.

Snow Serves as an Insulator for Your Plants and Soil

Even though snow feels cold to the touch, it actually serves as an excellent insulator for your soil. Winter weather presents many dangers to your soil, most notably how cold temperatures can cause your soil to freeze. This ultimately results in damage to the roots of your plants. Ironically, even though it is also cold, snow is able to protect the roots of plants from being harmed.

Snow Gives Your Plants Nitrogen and Moisture

Even though it’s not as warm during winter, your plants are still going to need some moisture in order to survive. Snow is great for making sure your soil retains moisture throughout the winter season. This gives your soil plenty of nourishment to last it until spring arrives. Also, nitrogen will attach to snowflakes while the snow is falling to the ground, meaning that’s one extra resource your soil is able to get when exposed to snow.

Snow is the Mulch of Winter

While not a one-to-one substitute, snow can offer many of the same benefits that mulch grants your soil. As mentioned earlier, snow offers insulating properties just like how mulch does so after winter has ended. If you don’t get a lot of snow where you live, you will have to apply mulch to get these protective properties for your own garden. Around three inches of mulch will do fine for the most part.

Snow Makes Your Garden More Beautiful

The utility that snow offers is undeniable, but snow can also offer great beauty to your garden. The green of your plants can be contrasted with a white blanket of snow to make your plants really pop out.  Everything in your garden will seem more visible, meaning it becomes easier to highlight everything that your garden has to offer.

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