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6 Waterfall Ideas for Your Home

Waterfalls are one of the most luxurious features you can have in your backyard. Whether or not you have water views, having a flowing water feature on your property gives it a sense of instant relaxation and being in nature. The sound of trickling water is truly therapeutic. Check out these six waterfall ideas for your home from us at The Landscape Design Center!

Amazing Waterfall Ideas for Your Home

A Waterfall and Pond along Your Patio

One option is to create a secret waterfall nook along your patio. That way you can hear and enjoy the waterfall from your outdoor living space. Imagine having a trickling waterfall surrounded by carefully arranged plants. You might want to have koi fish swimming in there as well!

An Entryway Waterfall 

A waterfall along an entry walkway is a wonderful idea if you want to enjoy it all the time. You, visitors, and even the Amazon driver could enjoy it! This also adds interest to the front of the house and is a great selling point! 

A Purchased Sculptural Waterfall

Some waterfalls aim to look natural, as if nature put them there. Others are architectural. Options can include concrete, glass, stone, or metal waterfall fountains made for the outdoors. They can sit at the edge of outdoor living spaces to add ambiance or be a focal point in your garden. 

A Natural Waterfall 

Building a natural waterfall can be very expensive and time consuming. It is a whole system that needs to be carefully orchestrated. Have The Landscape Design Center help you out. We can do a multi-tier waterfall in your backyard! 

Pondless Waterfall 

Ever consider JUST having the falls part and not worrying about the pond part? With a pondless waterfall design, you can get the sound with half of the maintenance. You also don’t have to worry about animals or people falling in.

A Waterfall Under a Garden Bridge

A bridge and running water are great additions to your landscape. Use the bridge as part of your backyard’s traffic flow and make it really fun with a flowing waterfall beneath it.

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