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Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation


Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor investment for a longer amount of time. Low voltage, LED lighting, also won’t make your electric bill skyrocket.

Many of our clients also use outdoor lighting for safety reasons. Having lights can deter unwanted visitors, human or animal, on your property.

We work with a variety of companies such as Volt Lighting, Kichler, Progressive Lighting, Integral Lighting, Hadco, Cast Lighting, Focus Industries, Alliance, and Vista Lighting to ensure you are getting a great product.

We will work with you on a new lighting design, new lighting installation, upgrading/adding to your current lighting, or transitioning to LED. The best thing is that you can add lighting to any hardscape, landscape, or water feature.

Contact our team today at and start building your dream outdoors.

The Team at The Landscape Design Center Makes Irrigation Easy

We are passionate about your outdoor space, which is why we want to work with you to protect your investment. As we work with you on your master plan, irrigation is a significant part of the equation. Do you want to rely on dragging hoses around to water your plant material or do you want to a time and water efficient system doing it for you? We understand the needs of your plants versus grass and we can translate that into a proper irrigation program.

Our expert staff stays up on trends within the irrigation industry and will use updated solutions to build your irrigation system. An irrigation system is a great addition to any new or existing landscape.

When you water by hand, more than 50% is wasted in runoff and evaporation

The right irrigation system will not only keep your space beautiful, but it will save you money as water will only turn on when necessary based on the settings of timers and rain sensors.

Whether it is a new irrigation design, new system installation or upgrading your current system to be eco-friendly; out team will provide you the expertise you need. We’ll even look at details such as your nozzles to be sure they are providing water conservation.

Contact our experts at The Landscape Design Center 410-956-5292 if you are in or near Annapolis.

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