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Likely Reasons for a Drainage Blockage

Likely Reasons for a Drainage Blockage

Here are some common reasons for drainage blockages.

Many homeowners will run into drainage issues at some point in their lives. These issues are not just time-consuming to fix, but they can also cost quite a bit of money if you wait too long to address the problem. To help you get to the bottom of whatever problems you may be experiencing, we want to review some possible reasons you could have blocked drains. Here are some common reasons for drainage blockages.

Unknown Obstructions

Blocked drains occur whenever there are unknown objects lodged inside of them. These obstructions can be anything from fat to hair to soap and more. To start off, there won’t be many obstructions blocking your pipes, but over time, they will begin to pile up and cause increasingly pressing concerns.

Eventually, your drainage system will be blocked off by all of the obstructions that have accumulated over time. Typically, toilets are the source of obstructions, such as when sanitary objects and toilet paper get flushed.

Inclement Weather

We all experience stormy weather at some point, and after the storm has passed, your yard can be a little messy, as sticks and leaves have likely started to litter your yard. Your drains aren’t safe from this debris either, and it’s important that you remove all of the post-storm debris from your drainage system if you want to avoid issues with flooding later on.

Your Pipes are Damaged

Broken pipes are another reason for your drainage system being clogged. If you expect water to flow smoothly out of your drainage system, then you need to have a functional, undamaged pipe. If you don’t, the pipe might collapse.

Typically, damaged pipes are a result of either a poor installation process or because tree roots caused damage beneath the ground.

Piping Installation

Many people have adopted the mindset of doing landscaping projects on their own. This is perfectly fine for those with landscaping expertise. Many homeowners, however, do not have the professional level of expertise needed to get drainage pipes installed as they should.

If the installation isn’t done right, the pipes can get damaged, not to mention that you need the right materials as well. While it’s tempting to install piping on your own, it’s typically safer to call in a professional for help. You spend slightly more money upfront, but you avoid the risk of spending more money long-term if the DIY installation didn’t go as planned.

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