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Benefits You Get With a Rain Garden

Benefits You Get With a Rain Garden

Keep reading if you are keen on learning about the benefits of installing a rain garden.

All lawns need a little bit of rain from time to time in order to stay healthy. It gets to be a bit much, though, whenever storms come around. Storms can put too much strain on your sump pump, causing your yard to become flooded. To avoid a disaster like this, a rain garden can be just what you need. They can be the savior your lawn needs, giving your home and yard extra protection from excess rain and water damage. Keep reading if you are keen on learning about the benefits of installing a rain garden.

You Don’t Need to Mow

Instead of needing to get your grass cut, you get to “cut” that job out of your lawn maintenance routine. A rain garden will still need to get mulched, trimmed, and monitored so that it doesn’t get clogged, but it’s less work overall.

A Rain Garden Helps You Conserve Water

Once you install a rain garden, the only times you’ll have to water it will be when you face heavy droughts. Also, rain gardens are great for making your carbon footprint smaller while saving time and money.

They are Pollinator-Friendly

By installing native plants in your rain garden, you’ll attract all sorts of pollinators to your yard. Such pollinators include bees, butterflies, and birds.

Groundwater Recharge

When your groundwater sources are getting low, a rain garden can be just what you need to restore these sources to how they were before. When rain gardens capture water, that water gets directed towards the soil, allowing the nearby aquifers to replenish themselves.

Groundwater recharge is a more environmentally-friendly option when compared to surface water storage procedures. It’s also a more cost-effective solution.

Lower Your Lawn’s Flood Risks

Since rain gardens take water and redirect it away from the foundation of your house, the chances of your house getting flooded drop significantly. There will be much less worry about water flooding into your house and causing trouble. Just be sure that the rain garden is installed at a minimum of ten feet from the house’s foundation. As long as you take that precaution, then it will become the perfect defense for your house to protect it from excess water.

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