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Outdoor Lighting Tasks to Handle After a Snow Storm

Outdoor Lighting Tasks to Handle After a Snow Storm

When checking on your outdoor lighting after a snow storm, here are the tasks you’ll want to complete.

One of the great things about winter is watching the snow fall. It’s an experience unique to the season, and it’s one of the most beautiful sights the season has to offer. However, snow doesn’t come without its drawbacks, and one problem with snow is that it can harm any outdoor lights you have. That’s why you need to check on your lights after snow storms have hit your property. When checking on your outdoor lighting after a snow storm, here are the tasks you’ll want to complete.

Get the Lenses Cleaned Up

When any massive snow storm passes through, your outdoor lighting is going to get buried in snow. Some lights, like halogens, will generate sufficient heat to melt the snow. Other lights, like LEDs, don’t emit as much heat, and that means you’ll need to go and clear the snow off of them.

Clearing snow from your lights should be an easy task. You just have to take a broom and gently brush all of the snow away. You can also clear off any other debris your lights have gathered in the meantime. Just be gentle with your lights because you don’t want to break them while you’re cleaning.

Check Your Outdoor Lighting for Moisture

If you have LED lights, understand that they are vulnerable to moisture. Just like with any electrical appliance you have, if your outdoor lights get exposed to moisture, they will end up shorting out.

Having high-quality lighting fixtures provides your bulbs with solid protection against moisture, but it never hurts to check on your lights after plenty of snow has fallen.

Plan Servicing for Your Outdoor Lighting in Spring

While you need to do what you can on your own to keep your outdoor lighting in good condition, it’s also important to get a professional set of eyes to check on your lights every now and then. That’s why you should take time to schedule an appointment for your lights in the spring. Getting your outdoor lighting professionally serviced in the spring means they can be checked for damage that has occurred during winter. Professionals may spot problems that could otherwise get overlooked, and this is a big deal because you can address and resolve problems while they aren’t too big or expensive.

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