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Raising the Quality of Your Soil

Raising the Quality of Your Soil

Here are ways you can improve the quality of your soil.

Soil is always handy to have around your yard. It helps keep water and valuable nutrients contained so that your plants can continue to benefit from them for as long as possible. It also improves aeration and gives certain microbes a place to stay, which end up being helpful to plants as well. These are just a few perks that soil can offer, and you want it to be the best quality that you can get. Here are ways you can improve the quality of your soil.

Improve The Drainage of Soil

To get your soil’s drainage improved, you should first test its current drainage. To do this, dig a hole of around 30 centimeters and also a foot on both sides. Pour water into the hole and let all of the water drain out. After that, place a ruler inside of the hole and fill the hole with water again. Find out how much water drains in an hour. You should be draining somewhere between one and six inches of water within one hour. Anything that is not within this range is a problem.

To get optimal drainage, adding topsoil onto raised beds is a great idea. You could also change what plants you have around your yard so that they are better suited for the ground.

Use a Cover Crop

Cover crops are great to install, especially towards the end of summer or during the fall. These are helpful because they keep your soil safe against erosion while lowering compaction at the same time. Good cover crops also allow water and air to get to your soil more easily.

After that, towards spring, your soil’s overall condition should be improved with a cover crop because they serve a similar purpose as compost.

Help Soil With Compost

Any gardener can benefit from having compost. It’s great to have to improve your garden’s drainage, whether the soil’s too dense or dry. An even bigger perk compost has is how it can positively affect your plants’ roots, helping them grow stronger and more deeply. Because of this, your plants will become larger and hardier. It also helps that compost introduces plenty of microorganisms that make it less likely for your plants to contract different diseases, which could otherwise compromise their health and wellbeing.

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