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Planning & Design

The perfect design begins with an in-depth consultation at your home. We do this so we can work with you to create the perfect plan for your outdoor space.

“In order to build a house, you need blueprints,so why would your landscape be any different?”
– Ana Lockett

Our Designs are customized to each and every client. When helping you create a Landscape Design Plan, there are three main variables that we look at:


Aesthetics, Style & Functionality

Does the design add beauty or value to the home? Does it compliment the style of the property? Does it match the taste of our client? Is it usable for our client and future buyers (if that applies)?



Does the design work with the client’s short-term and long-term budgets? Are the suggested materials the best value? Are there ways to save in one area in order to spend more in another?



Can the implementation of the design be phased? How do we avoid redundant work? What measures can we take to prepare for future phases?

Take a look at our completed designs and see the difference a good plan can make.

What can you expect when you contact The Landscape Design Center?

Please see our Process page for a more detailed explanation of each step:


Initial Consultation with a Designer at your home


You, the client, chooses to move forward with The Landscape Design Center


Creation of Your Landscape Plan

Our Basic Landscape Design Package:

  • Capturing photos of your property
  • Obtaining measurements of your space including existing plant material, structures, utilities, etc.
  • Scaled Plan (2 Copies)
  • Meetings with your Designer (one hour each)
  • Set of design changes after each meeting (2 sets total)
  • Plant List (1 Paper and 1 Digital)

**Client must provide property survey. If one is not available, additional charges will apply on a per job basis.
While this package works for most of our clients, we do have a number of add-on features:

Unique project design (i.e. children’s gardens, rain gardens, herb and veggie gardens, handicap gardens)
**please call for pricing


Implementing Your Landscape Design


Enjoy Your New Space

Annapolis friends and Ellicott City neighbors, we look forward to working with you on your next Landscape
Design. Contact us today at 410-956-5292

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