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Our Process

Process, Combined with Passion and Expertise, Makes Perfect

Calling Landscape Design companies can be daunting. You can receive a lot of voicemails OR false promises of a return call. Sometimes you will even schedule an appointment and no one will show!  At The Landscape Design Center, that is not the case. We try our best to get back with Clients in a timely manner and we focus on never missing an appointment. We have had quite an influx in calls recently so we ask that everyone be patient. We will usually schedule a phone call to go over a project before scheduling the consultation.  You are also welcome to email us at to set up that phone meeting. Once our office has set up a consultation, this is what to expect:


Initial Consultation with a Designer at your home

  • We will walk the property with you and discuss your vision, concerns, issues, etc.
  • We will take a few digital photos, as well as, measurements (if necessary).
  • We will then provide you with a written estimate, usually including pictures of similar jobs to show you the Designer’s thoughts/ideas.
  • If the project requires Design work, we will provide you with an estimate for a Landscape Design Package.
  • We will listen to you. It is your space; your home and you will be living in/with it.

The Team at The Landscape Design believes that meeting with you, in your space, will give them a sense of who you are, how your space is used, and how they can design it to meet your needs.


You, the client, chooses to move forward with The Landscape Design Center

Once you have made your decision, we will have you either sign an Installation Contract or a Landscape Design Contract depending on your needs. We want you to be confident in your decision, so questions are encouraged throughout the entire process. At this time, if you would like references, we will provide them.


Creation of Your Landscape Design (If it is needed)

Our Basic Landscape Design Package.
While this package works for most of our clients, we do have a number of add-on features, including 3D design and walk through video simulations, which are available for an additional cost.



Once you have approved the plan (or proposal), your Designer will work with you and her team on a timely implementation plan. Just a few things you can expect when working with The Landscape Design Center:

  • Good communication – We will contact you before showing up to your job and discuss with you a timeline.
  • Your Designer will be your Project Manager. They will set up your job and make sure the crew is implementing your project as it was discussed with you.
  • There is always a Foreman on the job that will run the crew per the instruction of the Designer.
  • Our crews are our crews. They are full-time employees under our payroll and our insurance.
  • Once we start your job, we try to stay on the job until it is complete. Weather, change orders, and/or unforeseen issues that may arise can delay a job progression but our team will keep you updated every step of the way.


Enjoy the Finished Product with Peace of Mind

All our work is covered under a warranty. This will be outlined in your contract. That way, while you are enjoying your new landscape, you have the peace of mind that everything is protected. We are one phone call away if something goes wrong!

You also won’t get “the runaround” when you call in for warranty work. We will schedule a site visit within 30 days to look at the issue. Then, we will determine if it is warranty or some other issue. We will discuss it with you and schedule the repair. Very simple.

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