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Water & Fire Features

Your outdoor space is a true extension of your home, capturing personality and beauty. The Landscape Design Center takes this seriously and has worked to stay ahead of trends and innovations within the industry.

Outdoor water and fire features have become a normal amenity to many homes throughout the country, and especially in Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties in Maryland.

The Landscape Design Center will work with you to design your space incorporating the water or fire feature that meets your needs.

Water features come in many shapes and sizes, and each have their own unique benefits.

Fountains – Whether we build your fountain or install one that is pre-built; our team will work with you to set it up and incorporate it into the landscape. We can then help you clean and winterize it.

Ponds – We can create a personalized pond for you depending on your proposed use and property size. We will also help you with a maintenance plan for your pond, in order to protect your investment. Pondless water features are another great option that are safe for children and easier to maintain.

Waterfalls – Waterfalls have become increasingly popular, as the tranquil sounds of moving water can offer positive effects on one’s health. They are also a great focal point to an existing garden or new design!

We can incorporate any water feature as part of your master plan. ‘Constructed’ water features are truly pieces of art since they are built on a per client basis.

Fire Features

Fire features are a great gathering point for any outdoor space. They can really extend the life of your backyard into the evening and give you a fun group activity to do with the whole family. The team at The Landscape Design Center prides itself on custom fire features. We can use materials such as brick, stone, or block to create your new feature. We can also incorporate a purchased feature into an existing landscape. Allow us to make your fiery vision a reality!

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