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Winterizing Your Outdoor Fountain


Winterizing Your Outdoor Fountain

To prepare your outdoor fountain for winter, here are the steps to follow.

Outdoor fountains are a great way to make your property feel more classy and refined. When we think about water features, we tend to think about how they perform during the summer. However, these features continue to exist on our properties, even when winter comes around. When the days get shorter, and the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll need to think about preparing your outdoor fountain for the cold winter months. To prepare your outdoor fountain for winter, here are the steps to follow.

Remove the Water From Your Outdoor Fountain

While it seems strange not to have water in fountains, it’s actually a good idea to remove water from your outdoor fountain during winter. Water will freeze during the cold months of winter, and this can cause your fountain to crack. Even if you have running water in your fountain, tiny droplets can still conceal themselves within small cracks in your fountain’s foundation and cause trouble.

When water freezes and melts, it will expand and contract, respectively, which is what causes your fountain to grow weaker over time and eventually crack. If you already have cracks in your fountain, they will only get worse if you leave water in your fountain during winter.

Clean Your Pump

Along with draining the water from your outdoor fountain, you should also unplug your fountain’s pump. There are some fountains that have plugs on their bottoms, which makes draining them easier. If yours does not have one of these plugs, you’ll have to take a bucket and scoop the water from your fountain manually.

For those with tiered fountains, disassemble your outdoor fountain once you have drained out all of the water. Clean the fountain like you normally would then store all of the different pieces either in a shed or garage.

Protect Your Outdoor Fountain

Winter can be a brutal time for outdoor fountains, so give them a fountain cover for much-needed protection during the winter months. If you can bring your fountain indoors, that’s an even better solution.

Store your fountain pump inside so that it’s protected against cold climates and moisture. If you want additional protection from moisture, consider placing towels inside the fountain’s basin so that stray moisture gets absorbed if it’s able to bypass the cover. Towels should be replaced immediately after heavy rain or snowstorms to ensure you always have a dry one protecting your fountain.

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