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When Is Mulch Season?


Is mulch season now or later? There’s a time to mulch in every season!

Mulch comes in different colors, scents, etc. Some contain pesticides and weed killers, while others are fresh and natural. While you have many choices to figure out, the timing of your mulching is also important. When is mulch season, anyway?

Mulch Season: Every Season Is a Time to Mulch


In springtime, once the ground has warmed up again and perennial spring bulbs have sprouted and flowered, you can preserve the ambient temperature and moisture in the soil with a healthy layer of mulch, about 3-4 inches high. If you’ve just had a light spring rain shower, even better. Just remember to remove and aerate some of the old mulch. That way you don’t get a build-up around your plants. That can cause crow rot, fungus, and other issues with your plants!


The fresh layer of mulch in spring should do the heavy lifting in preserving your plants during the hot summer months. However, it doesn’t hurt to freshen it up or top it off if it has become deficient. If you missed mulching in spring, mulching after a mild summer rain works, too.


When the weather cools down and plants become dormant, you can mulch again if necessary to preserve your plants’ roots during the cold winter. Mulch helps preserve the warmth and moisture in the soil leftover from the spring and summer. In the fall, it is like putting your flower beds to bed.


You generally don’t need to mulch in winter. The only reason it would be a good idea to add some mulch in your Maryland yard is if you think it will be unseasonably cold and your plants’ roots could use extra protection. You can also mulch to assist with stabilization from winter precipitation. If we ever get any again!

Spring and Fall Are the Best Times to Mulch

Overall, spring and fall are the best times to do the heavy work. The goal is to insulate the flower beds with just enough moisture and heat to keep plant roots happy and healthy. Spring and fall both offer light rains and mild temperatures, making them the ideal mulching seasons.

When Definitely Not to Mulch

When do you definitely not want to mulch? Don’t mulch if the soil is too hot or cold, or it will make it harder for the weather to warm or cool it. Don’t mulch if there’s just been a heavy rainstorm, or the soil will be waterlogged. Don’t put so much mulch down that spring bulbs can’t emerge.

If you have any additional questions or would like a landscaping company to take care of mulching for you, The Landscape Design Center is here for you in Edgewater, Maryland!

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