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Aromatic Flowers List for Your Garden

Gardens aren’t just sights to behold but centers of aroma.

Aromatic flowers are one of the joys of gardens in spring through summer. Gardens aren’t just beautiful to look at; they can smell beautiful, too! If you would love to give your backyard a beautiful fragrance, check out this aromatic flowers list below. If you would like the help of a professional landscaper, The Landscape Design Center is happy to give you suggestions and transform your yard.


Hyacinths, which originate from the Middle East, are hardy bulbs that bloom best in clusters in your spring flower beds in full sun. Their strong smell is one of the most beautiful of the season. The most common colors of these full-bodied flowers are purple, white, pink, red, and yellow. It is best to plant these bulbs in the fall.


Lilacs are perennial bushes or trees that bloom with purple or white, fragrant flowers in the spring. They are excellent pollinators, attracting bees, butterflies, and other insects. If you plan to plant lilacs in your garden, plan for how large you expect them to grow. They have big varieties and dwarf hybrids like “Bloomerang.”


Is there anything sweeter than the smell of honeysuckles? Honeysuckle plants can be the perfect privacy hedge or vine to grow over your pergola. They are a favorite of butterflies, hummingbirds, and plenty of other pollinators. They also come in different varieties. One being hot pink!


Not all roses are fragrant, but you have well over a dozen choices for rose species that are fragrant. Dark, pillowy roses are very aromatic, and their scent can last for many years after they have fallen from the plant. They can be bushes or vines. Most roses take a lot of care, but there are some newer varieties that are dwarfed and resistant to black spot, like Drift Roses.



Gardenias are white, scented flowers that inspire many scented candles and perfumes. This plant is an evergreen shrub, so if you need some extra color in your yard during winter, a gardenia shrub is a great option: color in the winter, and sweet aroma in the spring! They are usually an annual in Maryland but there are some hardy varieties that have been introduced. Make sure to get a “hardy” variety if you want it to survive our winters. 


Jasmine flowers are tiny white flowers with a powerful smell that will be vaguely familiar to you if you drink Jasmine tea. Many varieties exist, including vines, shrubs, and ground covers. Their hundreds of little white, pink, or yellow flowers create a beautiful aroma in the garden and an opportunity for making Jasmine tea at home, provided there are no pesticides. These too are annuals in Maryland, however they do have ‘hardy’ varieties of this as well.

Sweet Woodruff

This perennial (and herb) is a great addition to your shade garden. It fills in as a groundcover and the small white flowers are sweet smelling in the springtime. The texture of the plant is a nice addition to any garden, and it can be used as a culinary flavoring agent.

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