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How Snow Impacts Your Lawn

How Snow Impacts Your Lawn

Here is what will happen to your lawn when it’s exposed to snow.

It’s “snow” fun dealing with the bitter cold of winter. You already have to shovel snow off of driveways and walkways, but on top of that, your lawn takes a massive hit when snow comes to town. A blanket of snow can do a number to grass, and while you can’t tell Mother Nature to take her chilling blanket back, you can at least know what to expect when it hits your lawn and formulate ways to keep it healthy. Here is what will happen to your lawn when it’s exposed to snow.

Snow Mold Will Start Killing Your Lawn

Something you may not know about snow is that it can actually cause mold. Snow mold is a fungal disease that happens underneath the surface of the snow. Once the snow melts, there will be discolored patches of grass.

As previously mentioned, you can’t keep snow from reaching the ground. However, you can at least keep it from piling up around your yard. Minimizing how much snow builds up around your yard can be a great help to your lawn.

Your Lawn Goes Dormant

When temperatures drop, grass begins losing its green color. Instead, it will develop a brown-like color. The change in color happens because the cold winter weather causes your grass to go dormant.

Bearing this fact in mind, it’s advised that you plant grass seeds prior to any impending snowfall. This keeps the snow from interfering with the germination process. By doing seeding, you stop bald spots from forming around your yard, and your lawn will be stronger when spring comes around.

Ice Can Tear Your Yard Apart

While ice can look captivating, it’s also incredibly dangerous for your yard. If grass freezes over, it becomes much more fragile. It becomes much weaker and more brittle, making any level of foot traffic a problem. If you can help it, don’t walk on your lawn when it’s frozen so that you don’t cause too much damage to your yard.

Consider Hiring a Professional Landscape Company

If you aren’t comfortable handling lawn care yourself, think about hiring a landscaping company. Winter is a tough season for landscaping, so it’s understandable if you’re hesitant about handling everything on your own. Professionals will ensure that all measures are taken to preserve your lawn during this brutal time of year. Just be sure that the company you hire is one you can trust.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

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