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Stopping Winter Damage From Happening to Your Hardscape

Stopping Winter Damage From Happening to Your Hardscape

It’s not just your landscape that’s put in jeopardy when winter’s cold climate comes to town; your hardscape is also compromised.

Winter continues to throw its frigid temperatures at our yards, and the consequences can sometimes be fairly steep. It’s not just your landscape that’s put in jeopardy when winter’s cold climate comes to town; your hardscape is also compromised. You’ve surely put in countless hours trying to make your landscape look as great as it can possibly be, and you don’t want tough weather to ruin it for you. Here is what you can do to protect your hardscape from winter damage.

Fill In Cracks Where You See Them

If there are cracks and crevices in concrete or stonework, they should be filled immediately. They will only get larger as time goes on because water will steadily begin to fill up those spots. It’s best to use sand as a filler material. This prevents ice and snow from penetrating any pavers you have.

You could also elect to use a sealant on pathways and concrete before any snow reaches the ground. This stops cracks from ever forming at all.

Do Research on Your Deicer

Not every deicer is going to be of equal quality. If you use rock salt, your concrete won’t appreciate it because rock salt is sometimes corrosive to that material and can cause staining. Potassium chloride may be a more appropriate solution. This minimizes the damage your hardscape sustains while also being more beneficial to your plants.

Make Sure You Are Shoveling Regularly

Shoveling your property immediately after a snowstorm helps keep your hardscape protected for much longer. We just need you to be careful regarding which shovel you pick. If you use a metal shovel, you might scratch your concrete. Therefore, we recommend plastic shovels with blade edges that have been rubberized to leave less of an impact on your hardscape.

Clear Off All Of Your Hardscaping Surfaces

This is something you need to do before the snow starts to fall. By removing dirt and debris from your hardscape surfaces prior to any snowfall occurring, it keeps all of that residue from getting stuck to those surfaces.

Also, for those who have fountains or statues, you want to drain, clean, and cover them so that they don’t freeze or crack during winter.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

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