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Preventing Algae on an Outdoor Fountain

Making Sure Your Outdoor Fountain Doesn't Develop Algae

Here is what you should do to ensure your outdoor fountain doesn’t develop algae.

Outdoor fountains provide much-appreciated beauty to your property, and it would be unfortunate if that beauty was compromised by an excess of algae. Beyond the fact that algae worsens the appearance of an outdoor fountain, it also causes damage to its various components, such as the pump.

Worry not, though, because keeping algae out of your fountain can be a simple process. Here is what you should do to ensure your outdoor fountain doesn’t develop algae.

Have Your Outdoor Fountain Installed in a Shaded Area

Algae won’t thrive as easily when your outdoor fountain is somewhere with plenty of shade. If you can’t find a place that is entirely shaded, try to find a place with at least partial shade because it will at least slow the rate at which algae can grow. Get creative if you must by putting an awning or umbrella nearby to provide whatever extra shade you need.

Algae also grows more easily when the water isn’t pure. Because of this, you don’t want your outdoor fountain to have contaminated water in it.

Deep and Light Fountain Cleaning

If only a little bit of algae has grown in your outdoor fountain, you don’t have to tear your fountain apart to get it fixed. Simply wipe off the affected areas with a little soap. White vinegar can also work well if you’re going to brush algae away. This light cleaning works well on surfaces, but it’s another story for your filter.

Over time, algae will start piling up within your filter, and this will require a more thorough cleaning. Features like your filter, as well as your pump, need to be deep cleaned every 1-3 months. The time frame that’s needed depends on how large or small your outdoor fountain is.

Using Preventative Products

Prevention is always the best cleaning method whenever possible, and there are some products you can use that prevent the growth of algae in your outdoor fountain. You’ll want to use such products right after you have built your fountain or once you have completed a deep cleaning.

Some products are safe for animals if you’re worried about impacting them during the cleaning process. You can get advice on the best product to use by calling a professional hardscaping company that works with outdoor fountains.

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