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Winter Prep for Your Outdoor Landscape

Winter Prep for Your Outdoor Landscape

Here is what you can do to get your outdoor landscape winterized.

Your outdoor landscape can become quite vulnerable in the winter. Winter brings bitter weather with it, featuring intense cold and coupling that with inclement weather such as snowstorms. These types of hazardous conditions can be dangerous for many parts of your landscape, such as your lawn and plants.

Winterizing your outdoor landscape is a must because it helps to minimize the damage caused by brutal winter weather. Here is what you can do to get your outdoor landscape winterized.

Before Winter Starts, Make Sure to Water Everything

Many homeowners don’t get their landscapes watered before winter comes around. This can be because they don’t believe watering is needed as often when temperatures drop because the dry weather is over. This isn’t always true. You should take the time to get your lawn and plants watered prior to the start of winter if you want them to be as healthy as they can be going into the new season. Getting your plants watered before winter allows them to use the water that gets stored into the soil even after winter introduces its cold air. An added benefit is that moisture will stick around longer because winter doesn’t have weather as dry as the warmer months of summer.

Get Mulch Applied Before Winter

Mulch is important for any lawn or plants. It serves as an insulator that helps keep your plants’ roots warm as the temperatures plummet. Mulch also helps preserve water so that less of it gets lost. You should apply about 2 or 3 inches of mulch to get the best results. If you have already applied mulch, take a look and see if your lawn and plants could benefit from more because mulch can get worn down over time.

Get Ready for Snow and Ice

Snow and ice will be some of the greatest threats to your outdoor landscape. Snow can easily suffocate your lawn if it doesn’t go away before long. That’s why you need to concoct a plan for how you’re going to handle snow and ice before they cause any major problems.

Since you won’t want snow on your lawn, you should think about where you want to move it so that it can’t cause any damage. You should also think about cutting down some weaker branches from any trees you have since they will likely break off themselves if they get burdened by too much snow resting on them.

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