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Dormant Vs. Dead Plants

Dormant Vs. Dead Plants

Here is how you can test for dormant versus dead plants.

Winter is setting in, and with the introduction of some colder weather, our yards begin to change. Leaves from the trees have fallen off, and our lawns and plants begin their season-long slumber. The changes that happen to our lawn and plants can sometimes make us wonder if there are parts of our yard that could be dying. Some people might worry if their plants have actually died off, which could cause people to remove them prematurely. Fortunately for you, you can use certain testing methods to determine if your plants have died or simply gone dormant for the winter. Here is how you can test for dormant versus dead plants.

Check the Branches of Your Plants

The condition of trees and shrubs can be determined by testing their branches. To test these plants, try snapping off one of their branches. If it snaps off very easily and has a brown and/or grey color on the inside, that means that the branch is dead. Keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically mean that the entire plant is dead. The rest of the tree or shrub could still begin to bud, which would indicate that the rest of the plant is fine and that only that particular section has died off. Remove any dead parts of your plants when you notice them.

Run a Test on the Bark

This test also works for any trees and shrubs you have. For this test, scratch away some bark with either your fingernail or a knife until you get to the branch’s center. Branches that have a green and white kind of color are still alive, so you should leave those branches intact. Otherwise, it’s best for you to remove these branches as quickly as possible.

Testing Your Perennial Plants

Testing to see if your perennials are alive requires a different approach. For them, you’ll have to dig the plants up and examine the roots. Roots that are either dry, brittle, or mushy should be removed and replaced because they are likely dead. If the plants don’t exhibit these symptoms, they’re probably still just fine. In this case, simply replant those plants and wait for them to come back to life in the spring. They just need more time to wake up from their winter slumber.

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