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Problems That Can Compromise Your Lawn

Problems That Can Compromise Your Lawn

Here are some problems your lawn could be facing.

It’s always tough having to deal with lawn issues, especially when you’re unsure of what the problem could be. In one moment, everything can seem fine, but then things could go wrong in a matter of hours. Whether you think you did something wrong, a company you hired has made a mistake, or you inherited lawn problems when moving into a new home, the most important thing is to find a solution for whatever problem(s) you have.

To find a solution, you first have to know what problems you have. Knowing what’s affecting your yard will help you find an effective solution more quickly. Here are some problems your lawn could be facing.

Turf Disease (Lawn Fungus)

Your yard could be suffering from a lawn disease. One potential indicator that this is the issue is if you see powdery growth on the grass. But not all diseases have this symptom. Sometimes, you’ll just see spots on your grass, while in other scenarios, you might see your yard experience a change in color.

Getting a professional to diagnose the problem is often the best solution. There are some similarities among various diseases, but each one will require different treatment methods. Professionals know which treatments work best for each type of turf disease.

Surface-Feeding Lawn Insects

Surface-feeding lawn insects are another common source of yard problems. You can often tell that insects are eating your turf when the color of your grass changes. Since insects eat away at grass blade by blade, you’ll likely start noticing patches that have different colors than the rest of your yard. These patches are where the insects are feeding.

Professional advice on how to handle your insect problem is recommended. Depending on the insects involved, the approach could vary, and you don’t want to waste time on the wrong procedures for dealing with them.

Subsurface-Feeding Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs can be another issue your yard faces. These guys don’t feed along the surface of your yard. Instead, they consume grassroots. This makes them sneaky because they could be causing damage to your lawn without you even noticing them. The grubs detach your grass from its roots, causing your grass to pull up. If you see that your grass is pulling up, and there are little white pests shaped like the letter “C,” your problem is grubs.

Grubs can be incredibly destructive to your yard, and preventative measures are often the best way to handle them. However, if you figure out the problem early on, handling the problem curatively is another viable option.

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