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Signs of Significant Drainage Issues

Signs of Significant Drainage Issues

Here are signs to watch for that signal you could have drainage problems.

Whenever you’re getting a new home, you’re always going to want to be sure everything is working as it should. You’ll check if your roof has any leaks in it. You’ll see if your floor coverings have any damage. You’ll also check if your sinks have good drainage. However, even taking all of the right precautions isn’t always enough to prevent you from running into drainage issues. Drainage issues can cause severe property damage, and it can cost a hefty amount of money to get these problems fixed. The best thing you can do to address drainage problems is to catch them early, and that involves understanding the warning signs of these problems. Here are signs to watch for that signal you could have drainage problems.

There are Water Stains In Your Basement

Whenever you find water around the foundation of your home, it means that the water escaped. When you see water stains higher up along your foundation walls, that should tell you that you have a drainage problem taking place on the exterior of your house. See if your rain gutters are clogged, and monitor your soil to see if there is any standing water.

If you find continuous lines of water stains around your basement, the problem is likely much more serious. When you run into more serious problems, it could be wise to contact a professional for assistance.

You See Standing Water Around Your Yard

Water can sometimes cover your lawn, and it can sometimes be normal for this to occur, like in the couple of hours that follow heavy rainstorms. But if you see water piling up around your yard, even if there has been sunshine for an extensive period of time, it means there might be a problem with your drainage system that needs to be fixed.

Usually, a yard will filter water through curbs and gutters, which are specially designed for moving water through them to get into storm drains. If, however, you have a yard that slopes away from your gutters and curbs, water becomes unable to leave your property.

Consider asking a professional about French drains. These types of drains make use of gravel and drainage pipes to get standing water out of your yard so that the water can go into a drain instead.

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