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Keeping Your Plants Alive During Fall

Keeping Your Plants Alive During Fall

Here is how you should protect your plants this fall.

Fall is starting, and that means the weather is getting chilly. While many people enjoy the brisk autumnal air, your plants don’t always appreciate it. Many plants will struggle in the fall because of the new climate the season presents. So what can you do to preserve their safety? Here is how you should protect your plants this fall.

Keep Your Plants Warm, Just Not Too Warm

Many plants don’t do well in colder weather. So, especially for indoor varieties, you want to keep them protected from all of the cold air. This can be solved in part by keeping your windows sealed and insulated. It also helps to move them to areas of your house where the weather won’t impact them as much.

In addition, keeping them away from heating sources such as fireplaces and heating vents is a good safety precaution. Your plants won’t appreciate getting blasted with waves of hot air. A constant temperature around 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for your plants.

Cut Down the Watering For Your Plants

Even plants that are kept indoors will go dormant during the fall and winter. While dormant, they won’t require as much water or fertilizer to survive. Since less water is needed, you should only water them whenever the soil dries up to depths that don’t exceed two inches beneath the surface. Excessive water can cause a plant to start having its roots rot, and can also result in fungus and mold, among other problems.

Raise Your Home’s Humidity

Low humidity in your home during the cold months is a big problem for your plants. Humidity for an indoor plant is often best at around 50%, so if you have a humidifier, you should have it running. If you don’t have a humidifier, get them together and keep them in the rooms of your house that have the highest humidity.

Clean Your Plants

The days get shorter during fall and winter, so there is less sunlight for your plants to absorb. That means you need them to capitalize on the little amount of light they get each day. To do this, keep every plant you have as clean as possible. When they are clean, they are able to absorb sunlight more efficiently.

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