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How to Match Hardscapes to Your Home Exterior

Matching a hardscape with your home isn’t all about using the same color; see what’s possible here!

The Landscape Design Center knows all about hardscaping and landscaping for Maryland homes; both are essential for creating a functional and beautiful property. We already have an article on how to select a walkway for your home, but here, we will look at how to match hardscapes to your home exterior in general. Hardscaping encompasses walkways, patios, driveways, stoops, steps, and more. Let’s take a look at how to match hardscapes to your home.

Match the Color of Your Home Exterior

An easy way to match your hardscapes to your home exterior is by using color. You can match colors in siding, brick or stone to the same colors in your patios, walkways, and walls hardscaping materials. For example, if your house has tan siding, there are a number of pavers that come in tan/brown blends that would match wonderfully. If you have a brick facade, you could use a matching brick or accent one color in the brick facade, such as brown or a cream color. See below where we used a cream color paver to match the white siding and cream color mortar in the brick. 

Contrast with Your Home Exterior’s Color

On the other hand, you could create contrast to bring interest to your property. A good example would be using a dark paver for a house with different color siding. Take a look at the green house below where we used a gray paver combo. 

Use Similar Lines

Hardscapes are made of masonry, concrete, or natural stone, and these building blocks create different lines. Some are geometric, while others are irregular. Does your home exterior have modern, geometric lines? Does it have a lot of curves and ornamentation? What is the house style? Match the lines and style to the house for a cohesive effect. Take a look at the three pictures below that show different hardscape materials, siding types, lines, and styles.

Use the Same Material

If your house has a stone facade, you can take inspiration from the same grays, blues, or oranges for your hardscapes. If your house has siding, you will have to resort to focusing on similar colors for your hardscape. On the other hand, using the same material as your home’s exterior stonework or masonry is a safe way to match hardscapes to your home exterior exactly. 

Consider Complementary Hardscape Features 

What would complete your property? Your hardscape design should be proportionate to and fitting for your home. Retaining walls, steps, and custom hardscapes can complete the look and feel of the property. Consider adding a fire pit, fountain, seating, or an outdoor kitchen to complete your home.

Consult with a Landscape Design Professional

You cannot get better advice about matching hardscapes to your home exterior than from a professional landscape designer. If you are ready to get some ideas for your Maryland home, contact The Landscape Design Center!

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