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Selecting a Walkway for Your Home

Even though you might use the garage door as a typical way to enter your home, that does not mean your home would not benefit from a new walkway. The walkway to your front door, as well as those around your home, greatly impact your curb appeal. Every time you pull up to your home, you might imagine how satisfying it would be to see it graced by a beautiful walkway. What exactly would that walkway look like, though? There’s more to selecting a walkway for your home than just the materials! Check out our tips below on how to decide on your unique walkway design

Matching Materials

First, you want to see what hardscape materials are part of your home’s exterior. Do you have a brick or a stone facade? Maybe you have blue siding. Are you going to keep that or change it? Maybe you have concrete columns or a paver driveway. You will need to take all of these things into consideration when choosing the new hardscape for your front walkway. 

Selecting the Style

Another approach is to  consider your house’s architectural style, as well as YOUR preferred style. Is it traditional, modern, craftsman, or farmhouse? Or do you like formal, natural, asian, or south western? Take cues from the style to find the best lines, patterns, colors, and materials for your front walkway. The material does not have to be exactly the same as the house’s exterior, especially if it is siding!

Try Something New 

As mentioned above, you can consider your home’s architectural style, or your personal style. You can match materials and colors that you have OR you can change it up and do something different. Add some glow into your flagstone walk (see below), or use a beautiful travertine (see below) to create a bridge to your front door, or go for a beachy look! It is your home, make it yours! 


If you are not sure how to select a walkway for your home, or would like to see what materials are out there, as well as their costs, talk with The Landscape Design Center in Edgewater, MD, for more information!

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