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Best Plants for Stunning Fall Color

Fall landscapes can be colorful when you use the best plants! Learn more about some vibrant options here.

Autumn gets colder, but it is also one of the most colorful seasons of the year. Spring and summer aren’t the only seasons that get all the blooms. When you design it right, your landscape can become one of the most show-stopping around! Let’s look at some showy plants for stunning fall color in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Maple Tree Varieties

Japanese maple, Amur maple, Sugar maple, Red maple, and October Glory maple are just a few of the many varieties of maple trees in our area. The ones mentioned above are famous for their brilliant fall colors. Just be sure to plant maples in the right location, because their root system is extensive and can cause issues with sidewalks.

Ginkgo Trees

Ginkgos on the other hand area great street trees because they don’t have invasive roots. They turn a beautiful sunshiny yellow in the fall. Its fan-shaped leaves are elegant and charming. It is native to China but does well in our Mayrland climate. It is actually called a ‘living fossile’ because it is one of the most ancient trees in the world!


Dogwoods can be a tree or a shrub. Some are even native to Maryland! In the spring, the trees and some shrubs have white or pink blooms with simple, large petals. In the fall, their leaves turn a beautiful purplish-red color. The trees also bear bright red fruit, a nutritious snack for visiting birds.

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

The Oakleaf hydrangea is well-known for its showy fall color. After a season of white flower clusters, its large leaves turn bright reds and dark burgundies. Similarly, the Ruby Slippers hydrangea’s flowers turn “ruby red” when fall hits.


Viburnum encompasses over a hundred species of flowering shrubs with showy fall foliage. Their flowers typically have fragrance, while their fall leaves are red to purple. Some also have black or bright red fall berries.


You likely have seen one of the many varieties of sedum plants before. Also known as stonecrop, this drought-tolerant flower has dense, hardy flower tops that can add a rich, red color to your autumnal flower beds. They come in perennials and groundcovers and are one of the most versitile plants! Low maintenance too.


Black-Eyed Susans

Show your Maryland pride with Black-Eyed Susans that last well into fall! If you regularly deadhead your Black-Eyed Susans, they will continue to bloom past summer. These black and yellow flowers are perfect for seasonal color.


There are many grass variety that offer fall colors and textures: Miscanthus, Penisetum, and Carex, just to name a few. Their tan and even green/yellow foliage can be an wonderful addition to your garden!

This is a handpicked selection, and there are many, many more plant species to consider. Talk with The Landscape Design Center to learn even more about the best plants for stunning fall color!

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