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Case Study: Drainage Renovation in Annapolis


Major Drainage & Erosion The integrity of the Deck was Affected The Yard was Unusable
  • A decades-old drainage/ grading problem
  • Every storm would mean a potential for the basement to flood
  • Many solutions have been tried
  • The deck footers were being exposed
  • The client was worried about the deck failing
  • The client didn’t want to spend time outside
  • The mosquitos were horrible
  • The dog would get muddy

Ideas / Solutions

1. Harness the water from all sources. This happened to be 2-3 neighbor’s upslope from our client. However, it was also coming from our client’s home and yard.

2. We had to then re-direct the water into a swale to get it through the property without damaging the landscape, the deck, and the house. This included installing a wall to retain the client’s slope and a small tie wall by the back door to raise the grade and slope it away from the back door.

3. We also did not want to cause problems for any of the other neighbors. All the water was directed to a storm drain in the lower neighbor’s yard, with his consent.





This is where the water was flowing and going into the basement. We changed the grade so the water continued to the storm drain instead of going to the basement. A new swale was cut in, and soil was added along the foundation to raise the grade along the house. That way the water stayed in the swale. We also extended downspouts away from the house and to the new swale.
The tie wall is in order to raise the grade and re-direct the water away from the back door. We re-used the Client’s old blocks as a retaining wall along the new swale.

~ Final Product ~

The entire backyard in a panoramic view showing the swale, grading, rip rap, walls, and work under the deck.


Front right side yard showing re-grading at the beginning of the swale as well as downspout extensions.


Back/side swale to collect the majority of the neighbor’s runoff, as well as create a walkway to the backyard.


Re-grading, stabilizing, and installing gravel under the deck.


The main swale and re-grading in the backyard to keep the water away from the house.





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