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Winterizing a Backyard Pond

Winterizing a Backyard Pond

Here is how to winterize your backyard pond.

If you have a backyard pond, you likely get plenty of use from it when the weather is warmer. In the middle of winter, however, it’s not quite as useful, and you need to have it prepared for the colder winter months. It may not be great to say farewell to our aquatic friends, but if you take care of your pond properly, your aquatic life will be ready to make a return in the spring. Here is how to winterize your backyard pond.

Get Pond Netting Installed

Leaves can easily clog up these wonderful water features, but if you install a net, these leaves will never be able to cause issues. After all of the leaves are done falling, simply roll your net up, get rid of whatever leaves you have gathered, and store it for the next time that you may need it.

Get Rid of Leaves and Other Debris

If netting wasn’t your fix for leaves and other debris, then there should be a mess for you to clean. This is still fine as long as you have the appropriate tool. In this case, long-handled pond nets are your best friend. They will make it a simple task to get all of the debris out of your pond. You shouldn’t delay removing all of the debris in the water because this debris will decay throughout the winter. This results in a much larger and more bothersome mess when spring rolls around.

Clean Your Skimmer Basket

Keep an eye on your skimmer basket. You should monitor it every couple of days to see if it has accumulated any unwanted debris. If you see any debris inside the skimmer basket, remove it immediately. After leaves have finished falling from the nearby trees, you aren’t going to need to check on this basket as often.

Trim All of the Dead and Dying Foliage From Your Yard

Dead foliage isn’t great for your pond because it will decompose if it gets into the water. For this reason, you’re going to want to trim away  all of the dead foliage ahead of time. By keeping this foliage to a minimum, you also minimize the messes you’ll have to handle inside of your pond later on.

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