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Making Cleaning Leaves Easier

Making It Easier to Clean Leaves That Are In Your Yard

Today, we’ll share tips with you on how to make cleaning up leaves easier on yourself.

While fall can bring great things, such as colorful leaves, the flavor of pumpkin spice, and all manners of joyful holidays, there is one aspect of the season that isn’t remembered fondly, and that is the cleaning of leaves from the yard. Unfortunately, this chore can’t be ignored because your grass needs air. It has to breathe, and if leaves are burying your lawn, your lawn will not be able to get the nutrients, air, and sunlight that it needs.

It would be nice if we could avoid this chore, but at least it can be made easier to accomplish. Today, we’ll share tips with you on how to make cleaning up leaves easier on yourself.

Try a Leaf Blower Instead of a Rake

While a rake can still be valuable for a little bit of the leaf-cleaning process, a leaf blower is what we recommend for removing most leaves from your yard. This is especially ideal for people who have large yards, and it will take a significant part of the labor out of leaf removal. Once you’ve dealt with a majority of your leaves with a leaf blower, a rake can be used to gather whatever is leftover.

Mulch Up Your Leaves

Rather than just bagging up leaves, have you thought about mulching them instead? This is a fantastic idea because you can get more of them into bags, and instead of disposing of them, you could choose to spread the mulch onto your garden or lawn. Leaf mulch provides plenty of nutrients to your lawn while also giving your soil additional protection against weeds.

Snow Shovels Aren’t Just for Winter

When you think of tools you can use to make fall chores easier, a snow shovel may not be the first tool you’re thinking about. With that said, a snow shovel can make grabbing leaves easier than doing it by hand. Simply scoop the leaves into the shovel and place them inside a bag. This can be much more efficient, and it also doesn’t require as much bending over, which could be helpful for your back. This way, leaf removal can be done without straining yourself as much.

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