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New Year Tasks That Help Your Outdoor Landscape

New Year Tasks That Help Your Outdoor Landscape

Here is what to get done that can help you improve your outdoor landscape.

We’re still early into the new year, and people are beginning to make their new year’s goals a reality. One goal you might have for this year is to get your outdoor landscape looking good. When updating your outdoor landscape, there are steps you’ll want to follow to help you realize your vision. Here is what to get done that can help you improve your outdoor landscape.

Do You Mulch Early or Late?

There’s no right answer to this question. It’s your choice when you want to apply mulch to your landscape. However, knowing when you want to apply mulch means you can put a schedule in place that includes when mulching needs to be done.

Early mulchers are eager to get rid of the remnants of winter from their properties, and for them, it might be the middle of February when mulching begins.

For late mulchers, mulching may begin towards the start of spring or late winter. Knowing what kind of mulcher you are makes it easier to put together a mulching schedule for your property. If you’re getting help from a landscaping company, they should know when you would like to get mulching done as well.

Select Your Seasonal Flowers Early On

If you want to get flowers that are in season, the flowers you want will be available around four months before you need to plant them. Therefore, if you’re trying to pick out flowers for the spring season, don’t wait until spring to pick them. Instead, go shopping while it’s still winter. This way, you’ll already have everything you need once we get to the spring season. You’ll also want to get all of the containers and pots you need for those plants as well.

Get Your Irrigation Turn On Schedule Early

Irrigation systems serve as extra insurance for your landscape, but it only provides protection when it’s working. That’s why you should get your irrigation system turned on sooner rather than later. You should consult a landscaping company to figure out the most appropriate time to do this because the correct time can vary based on your geographical region. By turning on your irrigation system early, it will be ready to go once your lawn is no longer dormant.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

At the Landscape Design Center, the client is always our number one priority. We are committed to creating, improving, and maintaining the environment – an environment in which our clients live, work and play. We work with a variety of electric companies in the area to make sure your lights are addressed properly. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on all of our latest news.

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