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Wonderful Winter Landscaping Ideas

illuminated outdoor living space in snow with snowy evergreen backdrop

Winter doesn’t have to be drab. Your backyard can also be a winter wonderland!

Winter is a wonderful time of year. The air might be dry and cold, but sometimes, we get a beautiful blanket of snow, which in and of itself is a sight to behold. However, if you want to look out onto a beautiful winter backyard with or without snow, consider these wonderful winter landscaping ideas to bring your backyard to life.

Top Winter Landscaping Ideas for Maryland Gardens

Anchor Gardens with Structural Plant Elements and Evergreens

Trees and shrubs are integral elements of any winter garden. Evergreens maintain color during the dreariness of the “stick season.” And give the wildlife a refuge. Deciduous trees and shrubs sometimes have beautiful bark and structures that can really add to your landscape. Using uplights to highlight this is a great idea to extend the enjoyment into the evening, especially when the winter days are so short. 

Use Hardscapes as Sculptural Elements

Hardscapes like walkways, pergolas, and arbors stand out in the winter as sculptural elements with a purpose. They lead you through the property, create focal points, and give you a place to sit. You can also use actual garden sculptures to add points of interest along the way. These elements not only offer function, but they offer winter interest. A fire pit can keep you warm in your outdoor sitting area, while a waterfall can add serenity year-round!

Soften the Look with Ornamental Grasses or Groundcovers

Trees, shrubs, and hardscapes make your landscape design more solid, but ornamental grasses and groundcovers will add contrast and soften the look. Grasses offer a gentle and calming texture while evergreen groundcovers can give you a unique look when everything is brown and dreary.  

Brighten with Accents of Winter Flowers and Berries 

Pique the viewer’s interest with accent colors in the yard through winter flowers and berries. Choose shrubs, vines, and trees that produce colorful blooms and berries in the winter. Perennial flowers will fill out your flower beds, and berries will give wildlife a winter meal. Helleborus, Pyracantha, Witch Hazel, Camellias, Winterberry, and Pieris Japonica provide either flowers or berries in the cold months. Try them out and bring a little color to your drab yard!

Enliven It with Lighting and Accessories

Finish off the design with sculptural outdoor lighting to light your path and any landscape features you’d like. Lights offer a view of the beautiful snow-covered landscape or an accentuation of the different trees or shrubs we just talked about. They also extend the use of the yard in the winter with its shortened days. What’s more, you can add elements like a bird feeder and bird bath to encourage more wildlife to come in the dead of winter. As for outdoor living spaces, use furniture and furnishings that look great, no matter the season. For more winter landscaping ideas, contact The Landscape Design Center!

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