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How to Create Zones in Your Backyard

Create backyard zones like a pro, starting with these tips!

Your backyard can be so much more than just dirt and grass. An exceptional backyard design makes the land more useful and enjoyable. Creating zones is a fundamental way to get the most out of your property, especially if it is a smaller area. Here are several ways to create zones in your backyard.

Create Different Purposes for Different Zones

One way to make your backyard more functional is if each square foot has a purpose. Is it part of a patio, an outdoor kitchen, or a flower bed? You might even want to keep the large lawn so your kids can play sports on it. Create a list of what features you would like your backyard to have. Then start to figure out where everything could, or should, go.

Use Pattern and Color

Patterns and colors can be used in pavers, plantings and accessories. For instance, while laying a patio, you can use a different color edge to denote sections of a patio space. In other applications, you can use plant combinations to delineate different areas.

Use Different Elevations

Colors and lines can create zones, but so can different levels. If your backyard has a steep slope, creating tiered gardens will create different zones for various plants. As for outdoor living areas, a step or two down from another platform will instantly separate zones. Other ideas include sunken outdoor seating and raised decks.

Partition Your Zones

Even more obvious are partitions. You can use lattices, curtains, hedges, espaliered trees, and more to divide your backyard spaces. For a more enclosed area with shelter, try a pergola, gazebo, pavilion, or screened porch. Water features can also divide zones.

Create Focal Points in Zones

The open, empty space in one zone may be that way for a reason. To use an earlier example, your lawn may be empty for the sake of soccer games. Other zones, however, might feature a fountain, a fire pit, an outdoor dining set, or a grill.


Differentiate Zones with Lighting

Lighting can delineate outdoor living spaces and walkways to create central spots and light between each point. String lights, wall scones, built-in lights, and outdoor portable lamps set the mood and create cozy and festive spaces.

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