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Small Backyard Design Ideas

Your backyard can never be too small to be stunning. Check out our design ideas!

If you have a small backyard, you are not alone. Plenty of suburban and urban homes have relatively small backyards; space is limited! Even so, size does not determine how well you can enjoy your own piece of the great outdoors. Read on to discover some small backyard design ideas that can help you develop your dream property.

Vertical Spaces

Small backyards usually make more use of vertical space, given their lack of horizontal space. Ideas include installing a living wall garden, espaliered trees, climbing plants on trellises, and tall sculptural elements.

Multi-Purpose Zones

Small spaces that need to function in different ways need multi-purpose solutions. Your outdoor living space might be a lounge as well as a dining area; the garden might also be a play area for kids. Know what is essential to make your backyard yours. You might cover your firepit with a tabletop so that you can use it as a kids table when it’s not in use!

Views Beyond the Property Line

Does your property sit at the edge of a field, a river, the woods, or a golf course? Take advantage of the broad vista and preserve it in your small backyard design. When the view is a backyard feature but isn’t technically part of your backyard, it makes the space feel larger than it is. Consider not installing a fence or border and allowing your yard to bleed into the open space.

Extension from an Indoor Room

Perhaps you have bi-folding back doors or French back doors. Even when closed, the view into the backyard extends the room to which it connects. You can also connect your small backyard to this room and make it a space you can move in and out of like one large room when the weather is nice. Consider that when you are designing your deck versus patio space. An ‘at level’ deck will have furniture on it and that could potentially block your view.

A Focal Point to Draw Attention

Any backyard can use a focal point to anchor the main area. You could use anything from an outdoor coffee table to a fountain to a fire pit to an artistic sculpture. 

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