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Brilliant Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the final touch of magic for any residential landscape.

Landscape lighting can take on many forms, from uplighting your home to providing security lighting down your long driveway to accenting a beautiful statue in your garden. There are so many ways to use outdoor lighting. What might your ideal outdoor lighting design be? Before you even consider this question, you might be asking, “What are the benefits of landscape lighting? Is it worth it?” Check out the brilliant benefits of landscape lighting below. If you have any questions or would like to get started on your outdoor lighting project, we’re happy to help at The Landscape Design Center.

Improve Backyard Visibility for Evening Enjoyment

You can drastically change how, and how long, you use your outdoor living space when you have adequate lighting. When a backyard is dark and uninviting, no one will want to sit out there. But if it is illuminated and beautiful to look at, you and your family will be drawn to be out there well into the evening. Thus enjoying the space more, and for longer periods of time. The right lighting will make your patio, deck, or yard much easier to navigate AND create an enjoyable space to entertain. 


Amplify Your Curb Appeal

One of the main benefits of landscape lighting is that it makes your property a lot more appealing at night. Instead of seeing a dark mass when you approach your home at night, you can see the whole house elegantly lit. This is great for you or future buyers. Imagine driving up after a hard day of work and seeing your home gently lit up. It really does give you a sense of pride. It is also important not to overdo accent lighting. It is supposed to be just that, an ‘accent’. You don’t want a plane landing in your front yard! You just want to impress the neighbors and increase your property value! A good Landscape Designer will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Highlight Outdoor Features

Landscape lights can highlight specific backyard features in unique ways. For example, you might want to highlight the canopy of a special tree, the water of your backyard, or a fountain. You may want to accent the architecture of your pergola or other decorative element. Whatever it is, it will only work to complement your garden and add to the aesthetics. You can even use the shadows of one feature to highlight another as shown below. 

Heighten Home Security & Safety

Outdoor lighting around your property prevents would-be burglars from hiding around any parts of your home. You might use uplights on your home and pathlights on the walkways; the lighting can be illuminating without being harsh. It can be enough for you or your neighbors to notice any suspicious activity on your property.

These lights also improve safety and assist in guiding guests in the right direction.

Increase Property Value

A thoughtful outdoor lighting design will not only result in a beautiful nighttime property at night but a home with a higher value than it had before. Consumer Reports states that homes with outdoor lighting sell faster and for more money. The more functionality, safety, and beauty you add to a property, the more valuable it will be to you and future homebuyers and the market.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

At The Landscape Design Center, the client is our number one priority. We are committed to creating, improving, and maintaining the environment – an environment in which our clients live, work, and play. Feel free to ask us questions or contact us for an estimate, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on all of our latest news.

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