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How Outdoor Lights Impact Plants’ Growth

How Do Outdoor Lights Influence the Growth of Plants?

Here is how outdoor lights can impact the growth of your plants.

Landscape lighting is beneficial to landscapes for a multitude of reasons. Many gardens and landscapes have made use of outdoor lights over the years. It’s perfect for bringing your property to life at night, all while giving your landscape more functionality during the hours when you would normally be unable to see outside.

A part of your landscape that is impacted by outdoor lights is your plants. You don’t want to harm your plants because of the lighting you have outside. Knowing how lighting affects plants goes a long way towards making sure they get proper care. Here is how outdoor lights can impact the growth of your plants.

Light Intensity

Photosynthesis is what plants use to absorb sunlight energy. All of the light that plants absorb comes from the visible spectrum, meaning that they absorb orange, blue, green, yellow, and violet colors. Outdoor lights emit light within this spectrum, but there is a difference between what the sun produces versus outdoor lights, and that difference is in the intensity of the light.

Outdoor Lights Can Interfere With the Growth of Plants

The amount of photosynthesis that takes place goes up whenever light remains at a high intensity. This is what causes plants to grow. Lighting needs to stay at the ideal levels so that the right ambiance is achieved. To make sure your outdoor lights provide the right intensity levels, you can move them around so that they are at the right distance from your plants.

One key thing to consider is that certain lights let off heat, which can be detrimental to the health of your plants. If lights are placed too closely to the plants, this heat can do serious harm.

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Light

The more sunlight that plants get, the more quickly they will grow. However, if they get additional exposure due to your outdoor lights, light pollution can occur. This can disrupt the rhythm at which plants take light in, denying them the crucial recovery time they need before it’s alright to absorb more light. Light is best in moderation for your plants. By giving them enough time to rest after absorbing light, they will be able to thrive more easily.

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