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Can Landscape Lights Harm Trees?

Can Landscape Lights Harm Trees?

Find out if landscape lights can be harmful to trees.

For people who haven’t installed landscape lighting before, they want to be extra careful about where their lights get placed. It’s important to consider how the lights will interact with various aspects of their yard, such as foliage. A common question among homeowners who install landscape lights actually is whether or not it’s safe to install them in trees. We’ll get to the bottom of this question as you read on. Find out if landscape lights can be harmful to trees.

How Trees Use Light

Trees use photosynthesis to gather energy in the daytime. They absorb daylight, and the light that’s absorbed falls in the visible spectrum for the most part. The light that emits from landscape lights also falls in this visible spectrum, and to a less intense extent.

This means that trees won’t get harmed by landscape lights installed around them since the light that’s emitted is a helpful one that isn’t even as intense as the light they normally absorb. Trees do have to worry about ultraviolet and infrared light because it can adversely affect their photosensitive cells or disrupt chloroplasts, which have chlorophyll, which is required to conduct photosynthesis. But your landscape lights shouldn’t use ultraviolet or infrared light, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

How You Should Uplight a Tree

When we say “uplighting,” we mean using lamps that are ground into your lawn to help light up your trees. Normally, landscape lights illuminate your tree trunk or canopy, which allows you to keep your lawn better lit without too much work. There are a few steps that should be followed when uplighting your tree.

First, think about where you want your landscape lights installed. Avoid places that get a lot of foot traffic, so they don’t get damaged.

After that, get your lights installed. Lights that use solar energy need to be installed somewhere that gets enough daylight. If you use wiring, your lights have to be able to access an outlet.

Lastly, consider that some lamps will need wiring. Reading the manual prior to doing any wiring work is important.

If you’re not comfortable doing these steps yourself, you could hire a professional landscaping company to handle everything for you. They’ll know how to get everything done safely and effectively.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

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