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Keeping Your Pond in Good Condition This Summer

Keeping Your Pond in Good Condition This Summer

These are some essential maintenance tasks you’ll have to do for your pond during summer.

If you have a pond around your yard, you understand all of the effort that goes into preserving its appearance and functionality. Depending on the time of year, the maintenance needed to keep your pond in good shape will vary. As long as you’re always keeping up with maintenance, though, you’ll have a water feature that can bring you great joy. These are some essential maintenance tasks you’ll have to do for your pond during summer.

Pay Attention to the Smell of Your Pond

A smelly pond should indicate to you that a little cleanup will be mandatory. Your pond could smell for a couple of reasons. Sometimes, some vegetation has died out, in which case, you should remove all of the dead debris from the area. A filtration system is one tool you can use to maintain a clean pond, but for those who don’t have these systems, keeping a healthy balance of plants is integral to the cleanliness of your water.

What To Do With Low Water Levels in your Pond

The sun will be more intense in the summer, and it can cause the water levels in your pond to drop. If you don’t want it to dry out entirely, you’ll have to supply more water regularly. Not only does this mean your pond will have optimal water levels, but it also helps keep your oxygenating plants in a good state of health as well. Rainwater is a great resource for filling ponds back up, and you can collect this water by using a water butt.

Get Rid of Pond Algae as Well as Oxygenators

Algae can really build up inside of ponds, and the moment the sun begins to shine, this algae can really start spreading. Because of this, removing the algae is vital. Also, be sure to monitor how many oxygenating plants you have while conducting pond maintenance. The plants should not occupy any more than one-third of the entire body of water. Oxygenating plants are definitely needed, but only in moderation. They shouldn’t take up the whole area.

Algaecides help keep algae in check, but you should only use algaecides if your algae has really gotten out of control.

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