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Weeds You Can Find in Maryland

Types of Weeds You Can Find in Maryland

Learn about troublesome weeds in the state of Maryland.

You would think that weeds wouldn’t be as big of an issue during the summer, right? Well, sadly, this is not the case. Weeds thrive in the heat, meaning summer will be a season that is filled with them.

Weeds come in many varieties, and we want to cover some of the worst ones you are likely to encounter. Learn about troublesome weeds in the state of Maryland.


The germination process for crabgrass begins in spring, but if you don’t control the problem, this weed will truly thrive in the months of June and July. You’re likely to get crabgrass if your lawn doesn’t get the necessary amount of nutrients and water. What’s really bad is that up to 75,000 seeds can be made by every plant.

Of all of the weeds, this is the only one that is best handled with pre-emergent herbicides. However, breakouts of crabgrass can still happen, and this is when post-emergent herbicides can be helpful.


While the name may suggest that this weed is native to another state, Dallisgrass is another pesky Maryland weed. It’s a little more tenacious than crabgrass because it is a perennial weed. This means it returns annually.

You can decipher Dallisgrass from crabgrass because Dallisgrass has a greenish-yellow color scheme for its leaf blades, and there is a white vein that runs down its center.


Nutsedge doesn’t look like a weed at first glance; it actually has an appearance that closely resembles grass because of its color scheme and shine. However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a problematic weed your lawn could have.

It thrives most in moist areas that don’t have sufficient drainage. In one year’s time, as many as 6,900 tubers and 1,900 shoots can be made.

Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge is exactly what it sounds like it would be. It’s dark green and circular leaves that have red dots on them. Whenever this weed gets damaged, it lets out a sort of milky sap.

Just like with other types of weeds, spotted spurge is capable of producing thousands of seeds every year, and it’s especially effective at spreading around weak spots in people’s lawns.

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