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Drainage Problems Your Home May Experience, and How You Can Resolve Them

Drainage Problems Your Home May Experience, and How You Can Resolve Them

Here are drainage problems your house could face and how you can solve those problems.

Drainage problems can happen to anyone’s property. Addressing these problems while they’re still small and tame is a necessity to minimize the impact they make. If you have a poor drainage system, you may see rotting wood, mold and mildew, and weakening in the structure. There may also be unpleasant odors. You want to be capable of identifying the problem so you can find an effective solution and get your property back to normal. Here are drainage problems your house could face and how you can solve those problems.

Your Gutters Are Overflowing

If there is debris keeping your gutters clogged, it can disrupt water flow and cause water to overflow. Usually, leaves are the culprit in this situation, as they fall off of trees and land into your guttering. There are two solutions to this problem. The simple DIY solution is to clean out your gutters so that water can pass through them with ease again. Sometimes, however, your gutters might be too small or improperly installed. In these situations, it’s best to either get your current gutters fixed or consider installing new ones.

Ponding Water

Having water pooling in your yard isn’t abnormal when it rains heavily outside. However, the water shouldn’t stick around for too long. If it lingers, it means your drainage system isn’t doing its job. There are many ways this problem can be resolved, like installing sump pumps, dry wells, or French drains.

Issues With Downspouts

Your downspouts can also run into issues, and a way to deal with this problem is to get gutter extensions. These will help ensure that water doesn’t fall as closely to your house. You can also adjust your downspouts so that water falls into ideal areas of your yard.

Cracks in Your Foundation

Cracks in your foundation are another serious problem. The larger the crack, the bigger of a concern that it poses. You can use polyurethane caulk or hydraulic cement to fix cracks that are greater than one inch in width. However, if you aren’t confident fixing cracks in your foundation on your own, you can also get professional help solving the problem. This can be a safer option to ensure the job gets done right the first time so that you don’t end up revisiting the problem later.

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