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How You Can Revive Your Lawn

How You Can Revive Your Lawn

Here are ways that you can help bring your lawn back to life.

Have you looked at your lawn before and tried to compare it to your neighbor’s? If so, have you ever thought your lawn could use improvement, but you’re not quite sure how to go about improving it? Or, perhaps you’re struggling to get your lawn to grow back after the dormant season, and you don’t know what’s keeping grass and plants from thriving. Well, we have the solutions you desire. Here are ways that you can help bring your lawn back to life.

Get Your Lawn Prepared

If you find that your grass is dead, get your rake ready because you have to get your yard ready before it’s able to thrive once again. The first thing you need to do is get rid of all of the dead debris. See if your lawn has any green still on it. If so, the process will be much faster. Otherwise, it’s going to be a larger ordeal.


If you don’t know what scarification is, it’s the process of removing dead grass with the help of a springtime rake. If you see any bald spots on your lawn, you should rake over the soil anyway to get new seed ready when you plant it. Many lawns die during the winter, and if this is the case for you, you’ll want to scarify in the middle of spring. It will be a bummer having a less-than-glamorous lawn for a little while, but you’ll maximize how much you get out of your lawn care routine this way.

Seed & Sod

Once step one is completed, the dead grass will be gone from your lawn. Once you’ve roughed up your soil a little bit, your lawn can get exposed to more sunlight, nutrients, and oxygen, meaning you will have created the ideal scenario for growing new grass.

You can bring grass back either by seeding or laying down sod. If you seed your yard, it has to get done from scratch. This takes more time but less money. Sod is the pricier, yet quicker, alternative. It’s presented as a sort of rug-like product that is rolled onto your lawn, and the grass is already grown and mature.

Keep Your Lawn Fed

Once the seed or sod has been established, you want to guarantee that root development goes as planned, the grass stills grows, and the grass remains green. This means you have to feed the grass. Make sure to pick the right fertilizer for the job. Consult a professional landscaping company if you are unsure. Also, pick the right time to apply the fertilizer. Applying either too soon or too late means you’ll have to start lawn care all over again starting at stage one.

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