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Planning a Drainage System Installation

Planning Your New Drainage System Installation

Here are a few of the tips we have on how to install a strong drainage system.

For homeowners, one aspect of a home that can sometimes get ignored is the drainage system. However, it’s this drainage system that helps protect your beautiful lawn from excess water. We’re still right in the middle of winter, and that means you have to worry about snow piling on top of your lawn, which eventually melts into water and has the ability to overwhelm your landscape. You don’t want an abundance of water to do a number on your lawn. However, it’s understandable if you’re not familiar with all of the steps you need to follow to ensure you have a strong drainage system in place. Here are a few of the tips we have on how to install a strong drainage system.

Find Out Where Your Excess Water Originates

If your lawn is currently squishy, you have an issue with your drainage. This issue results in your lawn becoming completely flooded because water doesn’t have anywhere to go once it reaches your yard.

If you’re lacking a good drainage system, you are reliant on the weather to fix everything for you, and that’s not a dependable solution. But before you start trying to determine how to set up your system, you should figure out the origin of any excess water your lawn faces. The way a drainage system is set up will change based on how water gets to your lawn. Knowing whether the problem is a broken pipe or that your yard doesn’t have a means of removing excess water goes a long way towards finding an effective drainage system for your needs.

Get Your Soil Ready

This could be a surprise to some of you, but understanding your soil is an important step towards getting the right drainage system in place. There are four categories of soil: clay, loam, sand, and silt. The soil you have in your yard will depend on where you live. Clay soil can be more of a pain because it forms a very tough surface, making it hard to use an everyday shovel to dig through it. If you have clay soil, you’ll have to use something stronger to break through it so that you can get your drainage system installed.

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