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How You Should Clean Your Patio

How You Should Clean Your Patio

Here is what you should do when cleaning your patio.

It’s great when you can enjoy relaxing on a clean patio. But when dirt starts piling up, it can be a tedious task getting everything tidied up. It’s never recommended for you to ignore your patio, and knowing exactly how you should clean it will help you maintain its wonderful appearance. Here is what you should do when cleaning your patio.

Get Sweeping

The first thing you should do is get your patio free of clutter. Remove all of the furniture and equipment in the area so that you can thoroughly clean the entire patio. After you clear the area, get a broom that has wire bristles on it and sweep away any dirt and debris burdening your patio. This should be done around once per week if you want to avoid having too much to handle at any one time.

Sweeping is even more important when you have either a stone or paver patio. Every time you use your broom, you get rid of pesky weeds that could have been growing in-between your stones. Once you finish sweeping, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful outdoor hangout space.

Use All-Natural Cleaners to Scrub Your Patio Down

For patios that are exceptionally dirty, you’ll need to do more than your standard sweeping. It will take a thorough scrubbing to get everything clean and pristine again. While some people go with dish soap and bleach, eco-friendly cleaners are a great alternative. Vinegar is a wonderful natural cleaner, one of the go-to options that is on-hand in many homes.

Seal Your Patio

Concrete patios can be particularly challenging to keep clean. While it can help to hose your patio down and do some occasional sweeping, putting a seal on your surface helps minimize the number of messes you’ll have to handle

Seals are used to maintain your patio’s condition. As time goes on, dirt and stains will start piling up, making your surface less appealing, and a seal is helpful for keeping unwanted dirt and stains away. It will take some effort to get a seal applied, but once you do, it will be worth the investment long term. It’s one of the best options you have for maintaining the cleanliness of your patio.

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