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Low-Maintenance Hardscape Features

Are you looking for a way to improve the quality of life you have right outside of your home? If so, the right hardscape feature could be just what you need. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, the hardscape features that interest you may vary. However, something many people can agree on is that the less maintenance needed around your landscape, the easier your life is. For this reason, it’s always nice when your hardscape features require minimal upkeep. Here are some low-maintenance hardscape features you could consider installing on your property.

Water features

Low-Maintenance Hardscape Features

Here are some low-maintenance hardscape features you could consider installing on your property.

Ponds can be simple and beautiful. They can provide you with an escape from the stresses of your daily life. On top of that, they can add a lot of value to any living space. Water features can be very complex or they can be simple. If you are just looking for sound, you may want to consider a stand-alone or self contained fountain.
If you want something bigger or something that can hold fish, you may want to consult a professional prior to ‘jumping in’.


Some hardscape features are appreciated for their aesthetic appeal. Others, such as walkways, are appreciated for their functionality AND aesthetics. Walkways make it easier to traverse through your outdoor landscape, as well as maintain it. Also, the maintenance is minimal, just a good sweeping or power washing from time to time. As a bonus, not only does your walkway require minimal maintenance, but it also reduces the upkeep needed on your lawn. Since you won’t have to walk on grass all of the time, you won’t have to spend as much time reseeding and aerating. You’ll also have less grass to maintain since your walkway will cover up space where grass used to be. Among other hardscape features, walkways provide some of the most functionality and convenience.

Fire Pits

With all of us stuck at home, having an outdoor hangout spot isn’t a bad idea. A fire pit on your property is the perfect place to congregate with friends and family while observing social distancing. You can hold barbecues during spring or summer, and you can have a cozy place to keep warm during fall and winter. No matter the time of year, fire pits will always have a purpose around your house.

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