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Maintenance Tasks For Your Backyard Pond

Maintenance Tasks For Your Backyard Pond

Let’s take a look at what maintenance tasks should get done for your backyard pond.

Are you a homeowner who has a backyard pond? If so, you know how beautiful these ponds can be. They help bring peace to your home and help you disconnect from long and stressful days. In order to keep them in top form, though, you will have to complete a few maintenance tasks. Let’s take a look at what maintenance tasks should get done for your backyard pond.

Clear Out All of the Debris

It’s fall, and that means leaves and other debris can find their way into your backyard pond. You don’t want this debris to pile up too much because you can run into problems, such as algae development. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of algae because it gives aquatic animals some food to eat, but you don’t want too much of it in your pond.

To prevent excess algae growth, take the time to drain the water from your pond and wash the surfaces of your pond to get rid of any dirt. If there are aquatic plants that need trimming, this should get done too.

If you have any lights in your pond, just check to be sure they’re still working before you add the water back in. After that, simply adjust all of the rocks in your pond and then refill the pond with water.

Maintain the Water Level of Your Backyard Pond

Keep an eye on your pond’s water level. Sometimes, water can evaporate from the pond, and this is an issue because there are aquatic lifeforms that won’t have the oxygen they need to survive unless the water levels are high enough.

Preferably, your backyard pond should be basically three fourths full. Don’t use tap water because this type of water has solutes in it that could accelerate the growth of algae in your pond.

Prune Trees That are Nearby

Do you have trees close to your backyard pond? If so, those trees could be blocking out sunlight that your plants need in order to remain healthy. Because of this, you should prune your trees so that they allow your backyard pond to get sufficient sunlight. Extra sun can accelerate algae growth, but your plants require this sunlight as it is best for their health.

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