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Tips for Safely Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

Tips for Safely Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

Keep reading to learn how you can use your outdoor fireplace safely.

The temperature is cooling down for the fall season, and that means it’s time to cozy up with loved ones by a warm fire. Fires are dazzling to the eye, and they can provide a beautiful focal point for anyone in the area, and provide much-needed warmth during colder times of year. Some opt to have fireplaces inside, away from the outdoor elements, but what if you want to keep enjoying the outdoors even after the weather has gotten colder? The solution: an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces let you stay comfortable even when temperatures drop, and they offer extra light that will be much appreciated as daylight savings comes to a close. With that said, you’ll need to know how to safely use your outdoor fireplace, and we’re here to review the best practices to follow. Keep reading to learn how you can use your outdoor fireplace safely.

Make Sure Children and Pets are Under Adult Supervision

An outdoor fireplace can be a beautiful and captivating feature of your yard, and it can easily become your landscape’s focal point. Due to how visually appealing an outdoor fireplace can be, pets and children might become curious and want to take a closer look. You don’t want them getting too close to the flames, so there should always be a responsible adult in the area who supervises them and makes sure they don’t get hurt while trying to enjoy the fireplace.

Make Sure the Fire is Contained

You don’t want a fire to get out of hand because any fire that is out of control can be incredibly dangerous.  To help keep fires under control, you should work with the company that helped you install your outdoor fireplace. They will have advice on what material you can use to keep your flames safely contained. It also helps if you have a bucket of water on standby, just in case you have to put out a fire.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Not all parts of outdoor fireplace safety happen while it is being used. When the outdoor fireplace is not in use, you need to cover it up so that animals, dirt, and debris are kept away. You don’t want any residue left in your fireplace that could potentially ignite and cause a fire to erupt. You should look into getting a screen for your outdoor fireplace so that you can keep it clean while you’re not using it.

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