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Keeping Your Fire Pit From Becoming a Danger to Your Landscape

Keeping Your Fire Pit From Becoming a Danger to Your Landscape

Here is how to ensure your fire pit doesn’t put your landscape at risk.

The weather is getting warmer and more pleasant while we get closer to the summer season. For this reason, people are eager to get outside and start enjoying more of the gorgeous weather. Sometimes, the right outdoor feature can be the difference when trying to get the perfect outdoor experience, and one feature that families pick is the fire pit.

Summer often means enjoying more time outside after dark, and a burning fire can supply you the added warmth you need to stay out late. However, fire pits can be dangerous to have if you don’t take certain precautions. Here is how to ensure your fire pit doesn’t put your landscape at risk.

Don’t Have Flammable Materials Too Close to Your Fire Pit

Since your pit will naturally make use of a fire, it’s important to keep anything flammable at a safe distance so that nothing gets set aflame. As a general rule of thumb, you should keep flammable items at least 10 feet away from a fire if you want to keep them from getting set on fire.

Think About What Kind of Fuel Your Fire Pit Uses

There are multiple fuel sources you can use for your pit. Some of the more popular choices include charcoal, wood, and gas, and they are among the safest options as well. Avoid using any combustibles or chemicals because they are much more dangerous. Examples of bad fuel options include gasoline and lighter fluid.

Consider Where Your Fire Pit Gets Installed

Placement is key when installing a fire pit. If you have a wooden deck, your pit can’t be installed on it because you can set your deck on fire very easily.

Remember to Supervise Any Children and Pets You Have

Children and pets can also enjoy the warm glow of a fire pit, but you should never leave them unattended around these pits. It’s easy for kids to fall into them, and sometimes, pets like dogs could jump too closely to your pit.

There are a lot of fire pits that come equipped with curtains or metal grates, so make good use of these tools to maximize safety.

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