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Stop Animals From Digging In Your Yard

Preventing Animals From Digging In Your Yard

Here is what you can do to keep animals from digging around your yard.

There are all kinds of animals that seek refuge in your lawn, and they can cause a lot of trouble while they’re out trying to find their next meal. You don’t want these critters causing damage to your outdoor landscape, and the best thing you can do is ensure that problem doesn’t occur from the start. Here is what you can do to keep animals from digging around your yard.

Why Do Animals Dig In Your Yard?

Many animals will dig around your yard because they are searching for food. Such animals include raccoons, moles, and skunks, all of which will eat all sorts of worms, grubs, and insects. Now, it doesn’t automatically mean you have grub issues if you see animals digging in your yard. Animals will just go back to places where they have successfully found food before.

Is There a Point When You Can Have Too Many Grubs?

Your yard should be fine if it doesn’t exceed five grubs for every square foot of space. A typical lawn will have around 5,000 square feet, meaning 25,000 grubs could be on your lawn. Killing all of them is practically undoable, even if you were to start using chemicals that linger on your lawn for months. It’s advised that you seek professional advice on how to handle grubs if there get to be too many on your property.

What Can You Do to Stop Animals From Digging Up Your Lawn?

The first thing you can do is keep your lawn seeded. This helps establish deep roots that won’t be destroyed so easily by animals that are on the hunt for food.

Another option is the use of animal repellents. As the name suggests, repellents help repel animals from your lawn. These work best when used every week.

You could also try using actual physical barriers to keep animals away. Using something like a chain link fence can be used to shield areas in which animals are digging. It requires a little more labor on your end, but you might make the animals look elsewhere for nourishment.

Lastly, you could try trapping the animals if you feel comfortable doing so. If you’re unsure about doing this yourself, contacting a professional to help with the process could be beneficial to you.

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