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Materials For Your Driveway Surface

Materials You Can Use For Your Driveway Surface

Today, we will review different types of driveway surfaces so you can decide which is best for you.

Are you considering getting a new driveway? If you are, then the material you select is going to be a big deal. Different materials are always worth your consideration, even if you’ve used driveways with the same materials your whole life. You never know when a new material could be everything you want in your installation. Today, we will review different types of driveway surfaces so you can decide which is best for you.


Asphalt is a highly durable type of driveway material, and it’s on the more affordable end of materials. This is why it’s among the more ideal options, and it’s why asphalt is popular with many homeowners.

It’s especially useful for people who live in cold areas because asphalt won’t get damaged by freeze-thaw cycles like other materials, such as concrete.

Even if your driveway does get damaged, such as with holes and cracks, it’s pretty easy to make repairs. You can often patch cracks with ease, and if you sealcoat every couple of years, you can keep the surface protected and restore the color.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is another type of material that is highly popular. These driveways can last for plenty of years, often even decades. The drawback is that a cost comes with preserving that kind of longevity, which is what makes poured concrete a little more pricey as a driveway material.

Some maintenance is also required. When these driveways break, it’s not always easy finding a way to fix them. Broken areas that are too large to patch up could have to be redone, and patching, while effective, results in obvious marks being left behind.


Gravel is the kind of loose aggregate that is most common for use on driveways. These driveways offer the appeal of being the cheapest option you can install. Now, with cheap materials, you don’t get the same longevity as the other options we’ve listed. On top of that, there are some maintenance tasks you’ll have to handle.

It’s tough working with gravel driveways when it’s snowy because snow shovels can get jammed while you’re attempting to get snow out of your driveway, and you can end up digging the gravel from the driveway too, leaving it more bare and patchy. Also, weeds and grass are often able to grow in gravel driveways, meaning you’ll need to remove them regularly.

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