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Why Water Plants in the Morning

Why to Pick Morning to Water Your Plants Instead of Night

Morning is your preferred time for watering plants, and there are many reasons that support this.

There are probably many tasks that make up your standard morning routine. Something that isn’t in everyone’s morning routine is watering plants, but you should consider changing that for yourself if you haven’t already. Morning is your preferred time for watering plants, and there are many reasons that support this.

You Give Them the Water They Need to Handle the Heat Throughout the Day

Morning is the start of the day, and you want your plants to be strong and ready to tackle the day. This starts with a healthy serving of water. By giving them water at the start of the day, they’ll be properly hydrated early on so that they are ready for when the heat picks up later in the day.

They Will Be Dry By Nightfall, Which Makes Them Resistant to Fungal Diseases

If you water your flowers in the morning, they have the entire day to use that water up. By the time the day is ending, your plants will have dried off reasonably well. As long as your plants are dry before night arrives, they have a better chance of preventing fungal diseases from infecting them.

Your Plants Are Able to Absorb Water Before It Gets Too Hot

Morning is one of the cooler points of the day. The temperatures aren’t as high, which means water won’t evaporate as quickly. Since water evaporates more slowly, it gives your plants the opportunity to take in all of the water before the summer heat kicks in. The more water your plants can absorb, the better their chances are for survival.

What If I Want to Water Plants at Night?

Perhaps you’re thinking that night would be a fine time to water plants. After all, it’s another point in the day that has cooler temperatures. There are a few problems with night watering, though.

First of all, as we mentioned earlier, plants have a better chance of avoiding fungal diseases if they are dry at night. Therefore, watering them at night would put them more at risk for infection.

Also, for those living in humid climates, there’s an even greater chance that fungus could become a problem. This would make it even more important to have your plants dry.

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