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Fire Pit Questions People Ask


Fire Pit Questions People Ask

These are some fire pit questions that people tend to have.

Fire pits are incredibly popular with homeowners. They have many uses that they can serve, and it’s this multi-functionality that gives them so much appeal. If you’re going to install a pit, you’ll likely get a lot of enjoyment from it, but there are so many types of pits that it can be difficult to decide on one.

To help make your choice easier, we’re going to go over a few common questions people have about fire pits. These are some fire pit questions that people tend to have.

“Do I Have to Worry About a Fire Pit Exploding?”

While the answer to this question is technically “yes,” this is only because some fire pits are made from low-quality materials not suited for fire pits or because people put dangerous items into the fire.  Avoid using materials like pea gravel and concrete blocks because these materials are known for trapping water within the fire pit. If the water is heated by the fire, an explosion could occur.

Fortunately, this can be easily avoided if you know which materials are appropriate for a fire pit. Metal pit liners on the interior of your pit can be very useful, or you could build your pit out of fire brick. If you go with metal pit liners, pair them with either natural stone or interlocking pavers on the exterior. You can also consult a hardscaping company that performs fire pit installations if you are unsure of what material to pick.

For added safety, have some fire protection equipment nearby in case something goes wrong. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are handy to have in the nearby vicinity.

“Can a Fire Pit Go on the Grass?”

People may not want to place their pit on their patio because the heat from these pits can damage these surfaces. Because of this, some people ponder the idea of placing their fire pit on the grass instead. So the question becomes: is this ok?

Fortunately, you can have them on your grass, but understand that the grass underneath your pit is going to die out more than likely. It’s not likely that the grass will catch fire, though. However, if you still have concerns about installing fire pits on grass, you can always get some fire-resistant material to place underneath your pit. Something like paving bricks can give your grass sufficient protection.

“Can Fire Pits Go on Wood Decks?”

It all depends on what kind of pit you want to install. Wood burning pits won’t work on wooden decks, but there are many propane variants that would work just fine. Even composite decks aren’t ideal for fire pits.

If you’re adamant about installing a fire pit on your deck, you should get a mat with fire resistance to place underneath the pit. These kinds of mats help keep your decking protected against the heat that fire pits generate.

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