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Problems Your Outdoor Lights Might Face

Problems Your Outdoor Lights Might Face

Unfortunately, outdoor lighting can often face some problems. Fortunately, we can offer advice on how to fix them.

While you may be spending less time in your outdoor living spaces this time of year than you typically do in the summer, it’s a good bet that your outdoor lighting is seeing far more use. With the earlier sun sets of fall and the ideal outdoor temperatures for curling up next to an outdoor fire, having the perfect outdoor lighting can be key to setting the right tone in your space. Unfortunately, outdoor lighting can often face some problems. Fortunately, we can offer advice on how to fix them.



Everyone knows that bugs generally are attracted to light, so having to deal with bugs around your lights feels like it is a given. Is it really a problem, however? In short, yes. Bugs are actually highly skilled at getting into lighting fixtures and they can squeeze into even the most tightly sealed lighting apparatus. This becomes a problem when they eat or chew things they are not supposed to It is also an issue when they die inside lights and the dead bug bodies start to pile up and cause problems.  The best way to deal with this issue is to not have it happen: prevention is better than cure. Work with an exterminator to professionally treat your home and property to limit the impact that bugs and pests have on your lighting investment.



Another possible problem that can eat away at your lighting investment is corrosion. Corrosion is caused by moisture that builds up in or on outdoor lighting fixtures. Traditionally, the bulbs in these fixtures were hot enough when they were on that they dried up any moisture before it caused damage. Often any corrosion that did occur was the result of the lights being left off for long periods or the bulbs burning out and not being replaced. Today, many bulbs produce very little to almost no heat since they are much more energy efficient, so make sure that you are choosing fixtures that are rust-resistant and waterproof, especially for lights installed near water features like ponds.


Burn Out

Eventually every bulb will burn out, but if you find yourself going through a lot of bulbs, there may be an issue with the fixture itself. If the fixture is receiving too much voltage or the connections are not complete or correct, if could cause bulbs to burn out. Have a lighting professional come in and check your fixture if it is eating through bulbs faster than it feels like it should.

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