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Making Sure Your Fire Pit is Safe Against Rain

Making Sure Your Fire Pit is Safe Against Rain

If you want your fire pit protected from the rain, follow these steps.

Do you have a fire pit around your yard? If so, it can be a great hangout spot for getting together with friends and family, or simply settling down after a tough day at work. Considering how much effort goes into installing a fire pit, you won’t want it to sustain damage if you can prevent it. One way fire pits can be damaged is from rainy weather, so we want to take a moment to go over protective measures you can take to preserve your pit. If you want your fire pit protected from the rain, follow these steps.

Use a Drainage System

While fire pits tend to be built to keep water out of them, you should still take other precautions to protect against this problem. Drainage systems do wonders in this regard. Make sure the bottom of your pit has weeping holes in it so that water can be properly drained. You also want a drain beneath the pan of your pit so that water doesn’t have a chance to pool.

Keep Your Fire Pit Covered

Protecting fire pits from water isn’t just about displacing water from the pits themselves; it also means you have to prevent water from ever reaching them. That’s why we advise you to have some sort of cover above your pit that prevents rain from colliding with it. This also helps keep unwanted debris from getting into the pit as well.

For Movable Pits, Take Them to Safer Areas

When you think of fire pits, you might think of the ones that are installed in one spot in your yard and cannot be moved once the installation is finished. Some fire pits, though, are portable, which can be a nifty benefit to have when you need to protect them from the rain. If your pit is portable, you should move it into a safe space away from any rainy weather conditions. Garages and sheds make for excellent places to store your pit until the weather is more suitable.

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